Gameplay ElementsWhat kind of game is it and what does the gameplay actually involve?
Games for HealthT'ai Chi in a computer game?
Free-to-Play Game DemoRelease Date coming soon for the game demo!
Tai Chi Form by the PoolRelease Date coming soon for the game demo!
Crane FlightRelease Date coming soon for the game demo!

Project Co-ordinators Blog


Indie dragon’s den at Cornwall College

We were invited to do a talk at  Cornwall College gaming department about being Indie developers and showcasing some of what we have been doing on T'ai Chi … [Read More...]

Developer’s Blog

New class interface

Creating a virtual Tai Chi class

We've recently been looking at how we can recreate a Tai Chi class inside our virtual environment.  It's beneficial to perform different exercises in a certain … [Read More...]

Artists’ Corner


Textures and mapping

So far we have looked at the motion capture process and how it can be used to move our skeleton around, then we looked at skinning which is how the skeleton … [Read More...]

Music of the Elements

药 Yào

Music for health

Following on from my "East Meets West" post about music and the Five Elements, I came across another interesting article by Mu Jie, that has got me thinking … [Read More...]

Tai Chi Masters Blog


The Five Elements

I've always wondered about the Five Elements T'ai Chi sequence, and with there being five movements if each of the moves represents a specific element, or if … [Read More...]

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Suit and markers

Motion capture

We are now standing at a great moment of transition in our project, it's a moment of pause before we take the plunge. Although what we have produced so far … [Read More...]

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What’s next?

We've recently taken stock of where the development of the project is and are looking at what the next steps are.  Here are the highlights of what we're working … [Read More...]

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Skinning sounds pretty scary which in fact it is. In big games companies there may be artists who specialise only in this field of 3d modelling, they are … [Read More...]

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Chinese Instruments

There are many different aspects to writing music for Tai Chi Elements. Part of it is creating music suited to different kinds of activity and location in the … [Read More...]

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How deep does the rabbit hole go…

I started T'ai Chi when I was nineteen at university. When I started uni I was drawn towards the martial arts at freshers fayre, but at that time I didn't know … [Read More...]

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