Gameplay ElementsWhat kind of game is it and what does the gameplay actually involve?
Games for HealthT'ai Chi in a computer game?
Free-to-Play Game DemoRelease Date coming soon for the game demo!
Tai Chi Form by the PoolRelease Date coming soon for the game demo!
Crane FlightRelease Date coming soon for the game demo!

Project Co-ordinators Blog

Indie dragon’s den at Cornwall College

We were invited to do a talk at  Cornwall College gaming department about being Indie developers and showcasing some of what we have been doing on T'ai Chi … [Read More...]

Developer’s Blog

Creating a virtual Tai Chi class

We've recently been looking at how we can recreate a Tai Chi class inside our virtual environment.  It's beneficial to perform different exercises in a certain … [Read More...]

Artists’ Corner

Textures and mapping

So far we have looked at the motion capture process and how it can be used to move our skeleton around, then we looked at skinning which is how the skeleton … [Read More...]

Music of the Elements

Music for health

Following on from my "East Meets West" post about music and the Five Elements, I came across another interesting article by Mu Jie, that has got me thinking … [Read More...]